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Earth Day, soil menu...

22 aprile 2013

mestoloToday is the Earth Day. A world event to celebrate our planet. This year the topic is to face the climate change. All over the globe thousands of events to remember that we live on a “living” earth and we should protect and preserve the environment. And if Earth is soil and soil is source of food we can imagine it as ingredient itself. If according to FAO forecast in 2020 the Earth’s natural resource base won’t be able to keep up with food demand from a steadily rising world population and the future seems to be lab- artificially produced meat and GMOs "creations", in Japan Tokyo chef Toshio Tanabe has started to use soil as ingredient for his recipes. tanabeBelieving that “Man didn't create the sea, the air or the soil. They're simply all part of nature, and in a sense they are alive in their own right”,  Toshio Tanabe in his French inspired restaurant “Ne Quittez Pas” located in Gotanda district of west Tokyo created his first dirt menu. Of course only the best soil for the recipes: chemical free, coming from particularly clean areas in the region as from the mountains and at least 10 meters beneath the surface. The soil is first baked in the oven at a temperature of 200°C. for 15 minutes, successively boiled and then passed through fine filters, to remove residual particles. [caption id="attachment_3966" align="alignright" width="188"] pic soshiok[/caption] The result is a mud that has been used as main ingredient for his first soil based menu. Soil soup, a salad with dirt dressing, sea bass with dirt risotto, dirt gratin, soil sorbet, dirt mint tea and the “soil surprise” a dirt-covered potato ball with a truffle center. And the chef is now working on different new recipes. Well we do not know if in 2020 it will be still possible to get somewhere on the globe a small portion of clean soil. But for sure the idea to feed the World with chemical free soil, organically grown agricultural products, meat from ethically livestock breeding and fish from uncontaminated waters and nourishing people also with the stories of the origin of products seems still to be the most sustainable and auspicious one. Video