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Mexican organic local taste & Conosci il tuo pasto...

1 novembre 2013

582338_10151283563675674_1936114032_nWhen I was reached through the blog Conosci il tuo pasto by chef Carlos (alias Calixto) Gattás Franceschini, I was really very pleased because as I have always believed one of the most attractive aspects of food are connected relations that it can create... And “food relationships” can be established when you have a common love for food and its story. Calixto is the chef at Bistro Orgánico of the charming and intimate Hotel Cielo Rojo in San Pancho, Mexico. A beautiful place just a walk to the Ocean where breakfast and dinner menu are made with organic ingredients from local producers and the san panchodelightful recipes are signed by creative chef Calixto. While having a chat with the muy agradable cocinero Calixto, who studied in the school of Chef Gato Dumas in Buenoshotelcielorojo8 Aires and matured his experience Patagonia, I needed to ask him for a couple of recipes for our blog, to give us the taste of his organic exquisite cuisine and to make us travel with the palate to San Pancho!   HCR_19By the way...we will most probably meet soon with Calixto and hope to have the first certified Conosci il tuo pasto restaurant overseas! The recipes.  eat local I chose among Calixto’s creative recipes the “veg quesadillas with seasonal sautéed vegetables” and the pre- dessert “Tierra Nutritiva” (I love the sound and the name of this cocoa, almonds and coconut based recipe served as little plant in the tequila glass). As you will see the recipes are accompanied by the name of all the producers (according to Calixto’s philosophy: Eat local roots). And of course probably you will not able to get the same ingredients if you do not live in Mexico, but I am sure you will be inspired from it!   mexico1Vegetarian Quesadillas with Seasonal Sauteed Vegetables Serves 4 Simple and easy breakfast that we serve in our bistro, take the mexican tradicional quesadillas with a healthy and delicious Twist. 100% Organic. For the Black beans Black beans (Del Campo, Mexican Organic Products). Red Onion, choped 1 tbsp. (“La Semillita”, Oganic and local farm). Garlic, Choped 1 pinch. (“Campo Verde”, Organic Family Farm). First cold press Coconut Oil 100 ml. (“Terrenal” Organic Pruducts”) Tres Chiles olive oil infusion (Santo Tomás, Mexican olive oil unfused by as) In a saucepan over medium heat put coconut oil and onion, Cook until turn transparent, add garlic, black beans with some of the cookinghotelcielorojo2 beans broth. Boil at low heat for 5 minutes, add tres chiles oil to flavour. Smash the beans until smooth and thick, add salt. Reserve. For the sauteed vegetables mix of seasonal vegetables Mixed veggies cut into thin sticks, 400gr - we use cactus, red bell pepper,creole zucchini, carrot, red onion, redcabbage (“La Semillita”, oganic and local farm) First cold press Coconut Oil 100 ml. ("Terrenal” Organic Products)

Sea Salt from Colima 1 pinch (“Vernatu” sea salt).

Put a Pan over high Heat, add coconut oil. Sauteed the vegetables until litle brown in the corners, but still raw inside, that is the point. Add salt and pepper, Reserve. About 2-3 minutes.

verdureFor the Salad

Green letucce Mix 100 gr. (“La Semillita”,Oganic and local farm)

Radish 12 thin slices (“La Semillita”, Oganic and local farm).

First cold press Mision olive oil 60 ml, (Santo Tomás, Mexican olive oil)

Persa lemon 1 unit, (“La Semillita”, Oganic and local farm).

Flower of Salt 1 pinch. (“Vernatu” Organic Sea Salt).

Cut lettuces with your hand in fork pieces add the radish. Mix lemon, black pepper and olive oil and put over the salad, add Flower of salt on the top. For the quesadillas Hass Avocado, 8 slices, (“Leti Courtyard”, our Sous Chef) Goat Cheese 80gr. (“Rigo”, Local Cheese Maker). Purple Corn Tortillas or White Corn Tortillas 8 units. (GMO free Creole Corn, grown in the mountains by Huicholes, native people).untitled Preheat Smooth grill medium heat, sprinkle the tortillas with water and put over the grill until hot, cover the side up with the beans, sprinkle goat cheese, then the sauteed vegetables. Complete with avocado, sprouts, and basil. Close the tortilla like a taco. Reserve over the grill. To Serve Put the quesadillas over a wooden plate, and the side salad, spray with coconut oil. Perfect companion is a gren tomatillo sauce. Senza-titolo-2Tierra Nutritiva For the Tierra Criollo Cacao beans toasted and peeled 50gr. (CACEP, cacao farm) Raw almonds 50 gr. (Terrenal Organic store). Grate unswetened coconut  50 gr.(Terrenal Organic store) Sea salt ¼ tsp. (Vernatu, Sal Marina) First cold press coconut oil 3 tbsp. (Amayal) Spring raw bee Honey (Melarte) Put cacao beans in a food processor until it gets creamy, then add all the ingredientes. The consistence has to be like ground. Keep at  room temperature. cacepFoir the "plants" Unpeeled baby carrot 4 units Manzanilla First cold press olive oil 200 ml. (Santo Tomás). Sea salt pinch (Vernatu, Sal Marina). Coriander sprouts (Vallarta Gourmet) Preheat the olive oil to 55 C. Put in the carrots but the stalk have to be outsider the oil. Cook for 30 minutes or until the carrot is tender. Reserve. To Serve In a small glass or tequila shot glass put the tierra nutritiva and put in the carrot and the sprout a side. Serve with no cutlery. Eat with your hand and fingers.   hotelcielorojo23 And here the link to Hotel Cielo Rojo   Hasta la próxima....